Thursday, May 19, 2011

Express it the right way

During our shows at first Friday in the beatiful yet vintage Blue Star arts complex and Second friday at Tobin Hills with our unique curb side gallery, we meet with allot of intresting and inqusitive indivuduals, from artist, to tatto artists and business professionals.  When I speak with them about our foundation and the signigifcance it can serve our community as well as up and coming San Antonio artists, their eyes light up with surprise. Surprised about the fact that we are trying to change the way Graffiti is perceived.  The business owners believe it to be a nussiance, neighborhoods see it as an eye sore, some view it as art, but, those that veiw it as art, are very few. The media has dedicated a significant amount of time protraying Graffiti as if it where a cancersou eye sore.  I can agree with some of their viewpoints, but, not all. Graffiti  is a word used to describe words, markings, or elaborate paintings on public property. Which without the building owners consent is a punishable crime.  And it should be. But, lets us begin to learn about Graffitti before we decide it isn't art or should be viewed upon as an eyes sore. Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire.But today spray paint and marker pens are the most common tools of these artitists. Now, again when I'm speaking of Graffatti as an art I'm not talking about the taggers that write on buildings, street signs, trains, and other public domains, representng their gang affiliation.  A true Graffiti artist expresses social and political messages and has become a type of pop culture. To Graffitti Foundation it is an art form that we want to promote and place in galleries to display the talent that these artitst posses. We want to change the view that graffati is vandalism. 
Controversies and anamosety  surround graffiti and continue to create disagreement amongst city officials and law enforcement and graffitists who wish to display and appreciate work in public locations. Let us be your platform to promote your social message the right and legal way.  We will supply you with the tools to not only make a name for yourself, but, money in your pockets when your paintings sell. We are Graffitii Foundation and we stay true to the pop cultural and the ideals these Graffitti artist represent.  If your not a graffitti artists or do not enjoy, please come out to first friday and second friday events and witness for yourself what these graffattii artist can do on a canvas, we have sold many paintings to people that were amazed that it was done by a former "tagger". If Graffatii art isn't your type genre, we also showcase artistits that paint Abstrat art, Impressionism, Expressionism, Realism. If you like drawings with crayons on fifth grade construction paper, I would be more than happy to sell you my nieces amazing drawings. Graffitti foundation is looking for you to help change the negative image behind gfraffiti art and, help the San Antonio art scence become as big if not rival other metropolatin art scences. But, we cannot not do it with out; you the artists and our supporters. Till next post, draw, paint, and express yourself.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WEBSITE Down!!!!

It seems that our website provider has decided to go out of business and not inform anyone of it. site and store are down at the moment, but don't worry, we are working to get everything moved and restored. Please follow the blog and our social pages to see where we will be next. Thanks so much for everyone's support and we will keep you posted when we are back in service.