Thursday, April 9, 2009

Benefit Gala

We participatged in a benefit gala to help families in need put on by the "Roadrunners for a Brighter Future"

check out the website for more information and how you can continue to help.

Here's a pic of our booth!
Artists (L-R): Ri Chavez, Naomi Alcantar, Davin Gutierrez

No.. thank YOU for doing this and letting us contribute!

And for your viewing pleasure... Here's a snipit of the routine of one of the "Roadrunners for a Brighter Future" & STREET BEAT Team members..

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  1. Fun Fun! Super cool guys! :)
    Not sure if you all will still be working on this project then, but May 15th is the Street Beatz Benefit Showcase where our students will perform and there will be choreography battles, poetry slams, and more! Check out for more info!